A lifestyle drenched in fun and excitement has always been attractive to me. Before I ventured into the thrilling world of Singapore escorts, I was a waitress in a popular night club. Making as much as 100 dollars per night, the job was not bad at all. However, it was not the money that I enjoyed; it was the constant attention I got from male clients who frequented the club. Clad in a tight black mini skirt, I would serve them with drinks all night, something I totally enjoyed doing. My first encounter with the glamorous world of escorts came when one of the club’s frequent patrons invited me to join his escort agency.

After pondering on the offer for some time I decided to accept the offer and give this a try. Having been in the industry for close to two years now, I understand it better than most. Many of my clients are business men whose busy schedules deprive them of the luxury of being in relationships. Many of these men prefer an escort service to being in a relationship. Reason being that with an escort service, they get the attention and intimacy they desire with no strings attached. It becomes a win-win situation for the both of us.

From the substantial amount of money that I earn from my job, I am able to pursue my personal interests and desires, which include travelling, pampering myself and making friends with other high end Singapore escorts. Being a high-end escort is both exciting and thrilling, however, I also get really exhausted. The job offers me the kinds of freedom that no office job can. One of the most important aspects of my job is how I dress. Dressing ensures that I have clients on a daily basis and I am able to earn revenue at the end of the month. I invest heavily in my everyday look. It is paramount.

Clients expect us to dress and behave in a certain manner. Most clients will want to spend time with me or have me accompany them to important business meetings and occasions. In such occasions, it is important that I dress in the latest fashion as this is a sure way of boosting my client’s confidence- a pretty and sophisticated girl on his arm. With the money I make, I am able to afford expensive clothes for all occasions. If a client wants me to accompany them to a black-tie event I have to wear something befitting of the occasion. If we have to go to the beach, I need to be clad appropriately. I have a wide array of clothes for just about every occasion.

The freedom I enjoy from working as an escort allows me to maintain a certain level of discretion. This is one thing clients absolutely love. Many of my clients would want to maintain a level of privacy about their personal lives and lifestyle and this is something that I understand and respect. Discretion is therefore, one of the most important aspects of the job. One way of doing this is maintaining a discreet appearance. Many of my clients contact me through mail and we use coded messages to ensure discretion. This is one of the requirements that the agency has outlined for us too. Privacy and confidentiality are key, especially when it comes to regular clients. The life of an escort is glamorous, exciting and thrilling and this is probably why I love it.